After a period of “we do, we don’t” it has been decided: we are going to search for those dusty sneakers at the back of our closets and are going to participate in the 2015 Paris Half Marathon!

Quite a challenge for our small, yet enthusiastic team! Training to run 21.1 km in The City of Light next spring is a very exciting opportunity to keep the mind clear, the body fit and the team spirit high.

Our motivation

Well, first of all… we want to do it because it’s fun and good for our health. Let’s be honest, health & fun aren’t always enough to ‘just do it’.  How many of us think about starting to work out and then just keep postponing it? We find every plausible excuse:

  • I am tired from work so I’ll start tomorrow;
  • I need special equipment;
  • It just started raining, maybe next week it will be sunny;
  • My friend isn’t coming so I’m not going; and so on.

Having a goal with deadline and the support of colleagues will help each of us stay motivated and stick to our individual goals to get healthier.

Secondly, if we are going to run our hearts out, it might at least be for a good cause! Together, we decided we will choose a charity or an association to which Open Slide will make a donation. What’s the catch? The amount of money donated to the cause will be decided according to the number of kilometers that all of us run at the half marathon. Giving this extra meaning to the challenge will increase each staff member’s motivation to finish the full 21.1 kilometers!

Our training plan

Choosing the right training plan and then sticking to it is essential for whoever wants to finish a half-marathon. Our goal is to go all the way and cross the FINISH line, so during the 23 weeks to follow we intend to start with 1 or 2 workouts per week and then intensify the training as the big event approaches.

So here we are – apps installed, playlists selected, shoelaces tied, and ready to go. We are in for the long run. Literally. Now we just have to figure out a way to stay on schedule during the busy conference season ahead of us. All tips welcome!

We’ll keep you posted and if you have any tips to share simply connect with us on our social media and show us your support. Every bit of encouragement is welcomed!