We design and provide meeting technology that facilitates and enhances speaker and content management at events. We translate new technologies into solutions for conferences, meetings, seminars, conventions.

Our tailor-made solutions help you manage your content before, during and after the event. We are committed to providing high quality services, products and solutions that earn our clients’ trust and build long lasting relationships.


With over 20 years’ experience in the meeting industry we are specialised in presentation management and content production.


Our R&D department is constantly innovating and developing new tools in order to adapt our technical solutions to our clients’ needs.


Our absolute priority is our clients’ satisfaction! Our team has a deep understanding of the event industry, bringing the best advice and designing custom solutions for our clients.


Slide Manager, our presentation management system, guarantees an efficient and easy display and management of all your speakers’ presentations throughout the event. From the technical reliability to the user friendly interface, our solution is designed to allow your speakers to focus on the content of their presentations and to guarantee the success of your sessions!

An online HTML5 platform where speakers can safely upload their presentations 24/7 ahead of the conference. Organisers and session chairs can also have a personalised login giving them access to all submitted presentations in real time.

Give your session chairs easy access to speaker biographies, uploaded presentations, management of the global timing of the session and of individual presentations, and integrated evaluation forms. All the necessary moderating tools for a successful session!

Make your registration area more dynamic by setting up a self-scan badge retrieval zone for your pre-registered delegates. S Badge also gives you access to all the on-site registrations and it can allow you to track your sessions attendance in real-time.

Our webcasting solution allows the automated recording of speakers’ slides, speech and, if necessary, video recording in one or multiple parallel session rooms. The webcasts are quickly edited and handed over or made available on a personalised online HTML5 platform.

Create overflow rooms or areas where you can stream video and audio live content from overly booked meeting rooms. Our overflow solution allows organisers to prevent any safety issues that might occur in case one or more meeting rooms exceed their maximum capacity by easily activating on-site live streams, on demand, in less than 30 seconds.

Simplify the information flow throughout the venue with the use of Room Information Monitors. Placed outside each session room, our Room Information Monitor system automatically displays in real-time what is being shown in the session rooms, the program and upcoming speakers. It can also display break slides, announcements, sponsor information and general information.

Bring your posters to the digital age! Set-up as a VOD area, an image library or touch screen stations throughout the venue, our ePoster solution perfectly adapts to your needs.

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We can help you set up and manage any professional-grade livestreaming project for one special session or a complex event.

High-quality equipment and secure web server

Full HD encoders and automatic global scaling

Possibility to manage multi-language livestreaming

Possibility to embed the livestream directly into your website



Boost your participants’ engagement
by offering easy interaction with the speakers and moderators during your sessions.
Live Q&A
Online HTML5 platform, available on any Internet connected device
Instant and intuitive access, no necessary plugins or apps to install
Moderator login for the session chairs
Analytics and data export at the end of the event


“I have been working with Open Slide for several years and keep on choosing them because of the people we get to work with. They provide us with effective solutions for the conferences we manage as well as professional staff on-site.”


Anuradha Castan

The Union

I have never experienced such cooperation in any conference and I have attended scores of them as I am in Public Health for the last 30 years.


Dr Mira B Aghi

World Conference on Tobacco or Health

“…our sincere thanks and congratulations for what you and your team brought to this memorable event, delivering a high quality service in a complex technical environment. Open Slide & Services has again demonstrated its capacity to be a key European player in Presentation and Speaker Management.”

Philippe Brégain

European Association for Osseointegration

“[…] Nous tenons à souligner l’extrême professionnalisme de cette entreprise. Nous ne pouvons que recommander cette société qui accompagne par ailleurs notre congrès national avec succès depuis de nombreuses années.”


Professeur B. Fraysse

Président du Congrès Mondial d’ORL 2017

Our 2017







Managing Director

Louise Bouvarel

Assistant Project Manager


Sébastien Janaud

Managing Director

Sandra Mboumbouni

Assistant Project Manager


Partner – Technical Director & Systems Architect

Tatiana Bejenaru

Project Manager

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