Some interesting things went on in September, here are some of the articles and news headlines that our team sent around internally.


Some of the hot headlines were Microsoft’s ‘Windows 10’ (official announcement) and Apple’s ‘Special Event’ which presented the new iPhone 6 (Plus), iOS8, Apple Pay and Apple Watch (event recap).

The announcement of ‘Windows 10’ got us all nostalgic, especially when “30 years of Windows” in images went around our offices. For a short instant, we wanted Clippy back on our screens!

WordPress 4.0 “Benny” was released start of September. With its smoother writing and management experience Benny is good news for event websites! Have a look at the introduction video to get acquainted with the new features.

The busy conference season

As most in the MICE industry, we kicked off another busy conference season in September! To prepare for the season we bookmarked the sites recommended in PCMA’s article on websites that make travelling easier and have been reading up on tips for fitting fitness into our busy schedules.

As you might have read last week, we started our training for the 2015 Paris Half-Marathon so it’s important for us to stay on track!

Inspiration for the event planner

SocialTables released a free eBook to make sure meeting planners are asking the right questions to find the perfect venue. Download the “8 questions every meeting planner should ask a venue”.

Alan Meckler (developer of the Internet World and Virtual Reality World conferences) is confident that one hundred percent of trade shows and conferences will accept bitcoins as payment for attendee registrations, booth space rentals, and other services by 2016.

Sustainability is a hot topic in general. Some tips on how sustainable events don’t need to be expensive events: go paperless on site, embrace hybrid formats by encouraging attendees to attend virtually and more on Gallus Events.

And of course Event Manager Blog posted some interesting food for thought, check out their best posts of September 2014.