Interactivity tools have become common practice for congress organizers when it comes to creating engaging experiences for their event participants.

Live Q&A and online polling give the audience the opportunity to interact with the speakers and can help boost the engagement factor on key sessions.

With Slide Vote, we wanted to create a platform that offers all the interactive tools you need:

  • Participants can send their questions to the session moderators in real time
  • Speakers can integrate a poll with multiple choice questions in their presentation
  • You can export a stats file at the end of the event directly from the platform

Slide Vote allows you to easily set up and control the voting session, and to display the questions and the poll results on the big screen in your session room.

Participants can access the poll or Q&A platform directly from a web browser on their smartphone, without having to install any apps. They simply type in the link or scan the QR code that is being displayed on the screen.

Moderators on the other hand are given a secure login area access where they can see and filter the questions that are sent by the participants and they can start, display and close each poll.

Are you interested in using Slide Vote ? Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information. ツ