One way of enriching the content you want to offer to your virtual event delegates is to organize and deliver prerecorded sessions. It might be the best trick in the book when it comes to flawless presentations!

Although the format may seem very easy to set-up, we strongly recommend to focus on the quality of the production in order to fully maximize the impact of this type of format. Having a pre-production phase when you record your speakers’ presentations allows you to optimize their appearances, use the event’s visual identity and branding to create beautiful layouts, and of course record in high resolution using professional equipment rather than relying solely on your speakers’ computer. All of these finally contribute to an improved viewer experience.

Another benefit of delivering prerecorded sessions is the fact that you can make your content available as Replay or you can broadcast it live. Or why not both? Plus, you have your backup right there! No need to worry about speakers’ bad connexion, unavailability or any technical hiccups. You can even plan multiple live broadcasts of prerecorded sessions throughout the day in order to cover multiple time zones if you want to reach a truly worldwide audience.

Last but not least your speakers will be much more relaxed during the live event so they will be able to focus on the interaction with the audience, using our integrated chat and Q&A module.

Moreover, all the recorded content will prove to be a valuable ressource that you can offer to your community after the event!

Our teams and our experience in on-site management and recording will support you in the production of quality content in order to offer the very best to your virtual event attendees.

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