Can we say this new social network is a facebook for geeks? It is already considered as the Internet’s Innovation Hub.

Extract:“This company has created a social network where programmers get together and get work done without bosses, e-mails, or meetings. 

San Francisco startup GitHub has all the hallmarks of the next big social network. The company’s base of 3.6 million users is growing fast, and after raising $100 million last year, GitHub was worth $750 million, at least on paper.”

“GitHub now plays a major supporting role in the creation of widely used open-source software”.

“The platform already has features targeted at designers working on images. Some journalistsacademics, and even the White House are also experimenting with GitHub to collaborate on articles and write research and policy documents.”

With its new platform for collaborative work, is Github going to change the way we are currently working? 

Thanks to Tom Simonite for this interesting article about GitHub, a new social network to work together efficiently.

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